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Best known for its historic presence at the center of the American pottery industry, the East Liverpool area is still home to three major potteries: the Hall China Company, Pioneer Pottery, and the Homer Laughlin China Company (located just across the river in Newell, West Virginia).

In the heart of downtown, a sumptuous Beaux Arts building houses East Liverpool's famed Museum of Ceramics The Museum Of Ceramics. This is just across the street from the handsome Carnegie Library–one of the first in the nation, as Andrew Carnegie used to spend summers in East Liverpool and had a fondness for the town. Towards the Ohio River across from the library is the East Liverpool High School Alumni Association (ELHSAA) Center with its beautiful tall clock tower. The YMCA, an enormous and well-stocked antiques mall, and the East Liverpool branch of Kent State University, among other attractions, help round out the downtown area.

Just north of East Liverpool is Little Beaver Creek, which feeds into the Ohio River. This is thought to be the only river valley in the entire country to show geologic evidence of all four ice ages. The woods and hills surrounding Little Beaver Creek are mostly under scenic easement, which means that their natural beauty will be preserved as is in perpetuity. Little Beaver Creek and its surroundings are well-loved locally for the considerable swimming, canoeing, kayaking, hiking and horseback riding opportunities they offer.

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the museum of ceramics & the lou holtz hall of fame

Museum of Ceramics

Museum Of ceramics

lou holtz hall of fame

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The City Income Tax Office is responsible for the collection of city taxes including income tax (1.5%), Hotel/Motel tax (3%), and Bed tax (3%)...

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Ryan C. Stovall
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The Health Department is located in City Hall, 126 West 6th Street, on the 2nd floor. Push 1 on the elevator...

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The Nursing Department offers Free Immunizations, Flu Vaccines, Free Blood Pressure Screening, & Free HIV testing...

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East Liverpool City Hall, 126 West Sixth Street, East Liverpool Ohio 43920 ...

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The Office of Safety Service houses the following departments: street, refuse, police, and fire...

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We’d like to remind property owners and contractors that all projects must be in compliance with city codes and permits obtained...

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